TUC Talk Ep 7. Am I Black Enough?

Am I black enough? That is typically a question that comes up a lot of times within the black community. Whether it’s fighting to overcome racial stereotypes, or overcompensating to prove your blackness due to the lack of pigmentation in your skin, we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another if we were actually black enough?

In this week’s edition of TUC Talk, not only do we play the “black card” game, but we also dissect why celebrity figures such as J.Cole and Colin Kaepernick overcompensate in proving their blackness. Are they obligated to? Or have they been conditioned to by society?

Festival season is rapidly approaching, but are they coming back too soon? And if we could book a celebrity boxing match between any two celebrities, who would be and why?


Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
1:15 Mental Check-In
11:45 Is it Too Soon to Bring Back Music Festivals
26:45 The Black Card Test
36:25 Who Would You Book in a Celebrity Boxing Match?
44:50 Am I Black Enough?
1:03:50 Show Wrap Up