True Urban Culture is more than just a magazine it’s a lifestyle, a global movement that gives individuals a platform to express their knowledge and talent to the world.

We are an International Urban Culture Magazine that highlights and exposes urban culture for all of the beauty and grit it offers to society as well as giving talented individuals an arena to shine and display their talents like no other.

Our team is a collective of creative individuals who combined their skills to create a magazine highlighting a range of subjects from Art to urban trends. We are the voice that will not be muted, the soapbox that will never be crushed, and the eyes that will never be blinded by the glitz and glam of success.

We are professionals challenging the meaning of culture, art, music, fashion, sports, politics, etc. and how these topics are classified as urban. We will push the envelope on subjects, we will have a voice in previously polarized industries, we will make you avid readers, and most importantly, we will make you think.
We are cultural urbanities; We are TUC Magazine.