Prime Suspects

TUC Talk Presents ‘Prime Suspects’ Ep 2: The Do’s and Don’ts in the Entertainment Industry

In this month’s special edition of TUC Talk Presents ‘Prime Suspects’, Ladale and Prime break down the do’s and don’ts for aspiring entertainers looking to break into the entertainment industry. Listen and watch as they tell their stories about the trials and tribulations they had to go through in pursuit of their goals.

Time Stamps
0:00 Cold Opening
0:55 What’s Different About Prime?
13:30 Getting Intuned with Spirituality
15:15 Mental Check-In
21:00 The Do’s and Don’ts of the Entertainment Industry
21:50 How Prime Met Bryan-Michael Cox
27:25 When Ladale First Thought He was About to Blow Up
31:00 This is Free Game (PAY ATTENTION!)
47:00 Show Wrap-Up