Prime Suspects

TUC Talk Presents Prime Suspects Ep 1 Turn Your Protest Into A Business

In this inaugural edition of TUC Talk Presents: Prime Suspects, our True Urban Culture Managing Director, Ladale Nesmith sits down with an extended member of our TUC Family, Prime Ethic, for an in-depth discussion of how he was able to turn his protest into a business and how YOU can do the same.

Sit back and relax as they give you the game on how to navigate through life and understand the importance of time.

Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
1:00 Who is Prime Ethic
11:30 Mental Check-In
25:25 TUC Talk Presents: Prime Suspects
1:10:22 Prime Shares Story of the Late, Great, Antonio Godfrey
1:12:00 Show Wrap Up

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