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The Gaming Chair EP.6 Is it Time to Abandon Last Gen Consoles?

Is it time to abandon last-gen consoles? Our panel of Ladale, Isaiah, and Shawn breakdowns the pros and cons of Sony and Microsoft leaving the PS4 and Xbox One hardware behind.

We also react to Playstation’s State of Play 20 minutes of gameplay of the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. Did Sony do enough to satisfy PS5 gamers with this showcase?

Nintendo is set to release an updated model of the Nintendo Switch this fall, but do they need to do more to bring in core gamers?

We will discuss all of this and more in our This Week in Gaming segment.

0:00 Intro
1:50 Opening Dialogue
6:35 Horizon Forbidden West Live Reaction
20:30 First Impressions of Horizon Forbidden West
35:15 What Can Nintendo Do to Appeal to The Core Gamers?
49:40 This Week in Gaming
1:04:30 Wrapping Up