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Outta Bounds Podcast Episode 6: Is Kwame Brown and His “Mama’s Cooking” Salty?







On this week’s edition of the Outta Bounds Podcast, our Big 3 breaks down Kwame Brown’s reemergence. Is Kwame Brown and his “Mama’s Cooking” salty? Or is there validity to his rants?

Also on this week’s pod, we discuss the elimination of the Golden State Warriors in this year’s Play-In Tournament. Is the NBA regretting not having its MVP candidate [Steph Curry] on the playoff stage and why is LeBron James above league punishment? What type of message does this send to the rest of the player’s in the league?


0:00 Intro

2:00 Early thoughts on the NBA Playoffs

14:00 Was This Year’s Play-In Tournament a Mistake?/Is Dame’s MVP Gripes Legitimate

33:15 Why is LeBron James Above the League Rules?

48:52 Is Kwame Brown Clout Chasing?

1:17:49 Where will Julio Jones Play This Upcoming Season?

1:25:00 Wrap Up