Outta Bounds Podcast

Outta Bounds Podcast Episode 5: Upsets To Look Out For in the First Round of the 2021 NBA Playoffs

Upset alert is in full effect in the first round of the 2021 NBA Playoffs. Which teams should be cautious heading into the first round of the NBA Playoffs?

Whose legacy is more at stake during these playoffs? Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook?

We’ll also chime in on the announced 2021 Naismith Memorial HOF Class. Did the committee finally get it right this year?

Tim Tebow is in talks of getting a training camp invite with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Is Tebow an attention whore at this point or is he simply a prime example of White Privilege in professional sports?

In this week’s Two Minute Drill segment, we discuss J.Cole’s debut in the African Basketball League. What other musicians would we like to see try their hand in pro sports?

We’ll discuss all of this in more as our Big 3 panel of Ladale, Donnie, and Noel is back in full effect.