Outta Bounds Podcast

Outta Bounds Podcast Ep 9. Do The Nets Deserve A Free Pass?

After suffering back-to-back injuries to all-stars, James Harden and Kyrie Irving, do the Brooklyn Nets deserve a free pass?

Speaking of a free pass, Ladale explains why he is not giving Chris Paul a free pass if the Phoenix Suns fall short of winning this year’s NBA championship.

And in this week’s Two Minute Drill segment, we break down the Madden NFL 22 teaser trailer. Could we possibly be getting two athletes on this year’s cover? Should we even care about the cover? What does the EA Madden NFL series need to do to fix their game?

Time Stamps
0:00 New Intro
0:10 Donovan (Philly) vs Noel (ATL) Round 2
24:45 Do the Nets Deserve A Free Pass?
37:30 It’s Now or Never for Chris Paul
47:56 Two Minute Drill: Madden NFL 22 Cover Predictions
56:41 Wrapping Up