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Outta Bounds Ep 7. Did Kyrie Irving Gaslight Boston Fans?

In this week’s episode of Outta Bounds, we debate Kyrie Irving’s incident with the Boston fans this past Sunday. Did Kyrie Irving gaslight Boston fans or was he indeed a victim of racism from the Boston fans?

Also on this week’s show, we break down the two most marquee first-round playoff series, Hawks vs Knicks and Suns vs Lakers. Is the Knicks season a failure if they lose in the first round? And whose legacy is more on the line this postseason, Chris Paul’s or LeBron James’?

And as we wrap up mental health awareness month, we’ll discuss Tennis superstar. Naomi Osaka’s battle with mental health as she pulled out of this year’s French Open. Why are today’s young athletes having so many battles with their mental health? Is it media-related, or something more?

We wrap up this week’s episode with fight predictions for Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson vs Brian Maxwell.

Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
0:33 Opening Conversation
4:42 Did Kyrie Irving Gaslight Boston Fans
39:20 Is the Knicks Season a Failure if They Lose in the First Round?
52:30 Whose Legacy is More at Stake, CP3’s or LeBron’s
1:03:35 Naomi Osaka’s Mental Health Struggles
1:14:00 Floyd Mayweather and Chad Ochocinco’s Fight Predictions