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Outta Bounds Ep 34 Brian Flores’ Sacrifice Proves That the Rooney Rule is Flawed

In this week’s edition of Outta Bounds, it is officially the end of an era and no, we are not referring to us. The GOAT, Tom Brady officially retired from the NFL after 22 seasons, how would he be remembered?

Former Miami Dolphins head coach, Brian Flores filed a class-action lawsuit against the National Football league and 3 NFL franchises claiming racism in the hiring process. But does Brian Flores’ sacrifice proves that the Rooney Rule is flawed?

The Third Eye himself, Noel Austin has been on a roll with his championship prediction picks. You just might make a lot of money if you pay attention to his Superbowl prediction.

Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
1:20 Donnie is Making Big Moves!
5:45 Best and Worst From Conference Championship Weekend
28:00 How Will You Remember Tom Brady?
40:40 Let’s Test Donnie’s Black Card
47:00 Is the Rooney Rule Flawed
1:02:15 Fourth Quarter: Superbowl Predictions
1:05:00 Show Wrap Up