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Outta Bounds Ep 33 There is Nothing Wrong With the Overtime Rules

In this week’s edition of Outta Bounds, we dissect the controversial talking point of the NFL’s Overtime rules. Ladale believes that there is nothing wrong with the overtime rules, but Donnie and Noel break down an alternative that could be fair to both teams and satisfying to all pro football fans.

Antonio Brown made his intentions known on the team that he’ll like to play for next season after his appearance on the I am Athlete podcast but is he actually a great fit for the Baltimore Ravens? Stay tuned for all this as well as our Best and Worst from Divisional round weekend.

Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
3:00 Best and Worst From Divisional Round Weekend
21:17 Does the NFL Need New Overtime Rules?
46:50 Fourth Quarter: Will Antonio Brown be a good fit for the Ravens?
49:36 Fourth Quarter: Are the Saints heading for a rebuild?
50:30 NFL Conference Championship Pics
52:00 Show Wrap Up