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Outta Bounds Ep 21 The Rapid Decline of MLB’s Popularity and If It’s Salvable

In this week’s edition of Outta Bounds, we chime in on the social media outrage across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp? Are we too reliant on social media? And why does Donnie hate social media so much?

We also give you our best and worst from Week 4 of the NFL season as well as go over the rapid decline of MLB’s popularity. Is the league’s decline in popularity salvable? Ladale offers insight on what’s wrong with the game of baseball and why its popularity declined.

Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
1:00 New Outta Bounds Schedule Announcement
2:00 What Were You Doing When Instagram Went Down?
12:40 Best and Worst From Week 4 of the NFL
32:25 Two Minute Drill Segment 1: Donnie’s 76ers Expectations
36:52 TMD Segment 2: The Rapid Decline of MLB’s Popularity