Outta Bounds Podcast

Outta Bounds Ep 10. Doc Rivers is Failing Ben Simmons

Is Doc Rivers failing Ben Simmons? Ladale sure seems to think so. Our resident Philly Fanatic, Donnie Wilkins is distraught after Noel “3rd Eye” Austin successfully predicted a Hawks in 7 series victory.

Also in this week’s edition of Outta Bounds, we give our predictions on this year’s Conference Finals matchups. Is parody good for the league?

Alvin Kamara is now partnered with NASCAR, but is enough to pique the interest of African Americans in the “sport” of NASCAR racing?


Time Stamp
0:00 Intro
0:10 Opening Thoughts
4:35 Donovan’s Therapy Session
11:03 Is it Time for the Philadelphia 76ers to Break Up Their
39:23 Is Parody Good for the NBA Playoffs?
57:00 Is Kevin Durant Making a Mistake Committing to Team USA?
1:03:20 Does Alvin Kamara Partnering up with NASCAR Peak Your Interest?
1:17:30 Show Wrap Up