X-Men’s Dark Phoenix: Why You should give the Film a Chance!

X-Men Dark Phoenix:

If you’ve been a fan of the X-Men franchise, there’s no doubt you haven’t heard about the final conclusion to the 20-film series franchise. The movie is focused on one of the most beloved characters of the X-Men, Jean Grey. Jean has remarkable powers and when a cosmic force in space hits her, her powers are intensified, becoming too powerful for her to control.

The movie is action packed. The run time is an hour and fifty-four minutes, and sitting down and watching the film, it is apparent that battling for one of their own is the biggest battle they’ve faced yet. The special effects, which I would recommend seeing in 3D or Imax, makes the film even more interesting to watch.

The film packs a lot of emotion into the storyline, from a writing standpoint. Jean deals with the trauma of not being able to control her powers as a child. None other than, Charles Xavier then takes in a young and vulnerable Jean, into his school for mutants. Jean is seen being torn by the force that consumes her. As the story continues, though, she not only beats this force that once threatened to destroy her and everyone she loved; she sacrifices everything to protect her family.

The movie features a lot of strong women such as Jennifer Lawrence(Mystique), Sophie Turner(Jean Grey), and Alexandra Shipp (Storm). Riding off of movies like Captain Marvel, there has been more of an emphasis on female superheroes not only being strong and heroic, but selfless.

With that being said, there is always room to improve or critique films. The film has received a great deal of negative reviews. Personally, Sophie Turner’s performance in the film was remarkable. The storyline is a classic X-Men film. When you go into the theater, you have an idea of what you’re about to see from the previous films in the series, and this film does not fail to deliver. If you’re an X-Men fan, go see it for yourself, and make your own opinions on the film, you won’t regret it!