The Shop Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The Shop is back for its second season on HBO! If you are not familiar with The Shop, it is a show that LeBron James and his business partner Maverick Carter have created. They get haircuts and invite other people to come into the shop and have open-ended conversations with them on a variety of political and social issues. The show guests are typically rappers, athletes and comedians. I think that it’s great that they invite people in different career fields into the shop because by doing so, they are able to have more than one point of view which is great because it allows the viewers to get multiple perspectives from different walks of life.

On the season 2 premiere, they had multiple guests such as Anthony Davis, Meek Mill, 2 Chainz, Jamie Foxx, and Antonio Brown sit down in the shop. They spoke on many topics including Colin Kaepernick, Kevin Hart, probation, owing your family money when you come up, switching teams and many more.

LeBron was able to give insight on owing your family when you make it and switching teams. Whereas Jamie Foxx was able to talk from a comedian standpoint about Kevin Hart. Meek Mill was able to speak on probation. Anthony Davis and Antonio Brown were able to share their perspective on wanting to depart from teams and go on a different path in their career.

Here are some clips below from the show:


If you are interested in watching The Shop, you can view it on HBO and you can stream it on HBO Go. If you are a current viewer of this show, let me know in the comments below about your thoughts on it.


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