Hassan Alameedi
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Hailing from Seattle, Washington. Hassan developed his passion for writing in junior high, initially writing stand-up comedy sets as a form of escape from the real world. Eager to begin expanding his creative pallet, he narrowed his sights on screenwriting in the latter half of high school. Around the same time, he took journalism classes at a nearby community college, this would lead to furthering his love for the craft. Hassan has also ventured into the world of podcasting, and music, becoming an advocate for finding different outlets of creativity. He is currently studying for an associate's degree and a certification in screenwriting.

What is the Isekai Genre?

If you are a fan of Japanese entertainment, then I am sure you have heard the word ‘Isekai’ thrown around plenty of times. But what is Isekai? Where did it come from? How did it become …

The Mystery Behind Mr. Popo

If there was an award for the most distinct looking character in Japanese animation, Mr. Popo would definitely take the cake and win the grand prize. Most may be curious as to where this magnificen…