Outta Bounds Podcast

Outta Bounds Ep 42 Is it Time to Give the 76ers Their Respect?

In this week’s edition of the Outta Bounds Podcast, our very own D.onniie breaks down why it’s time to give the 76ers their respect? But, is it too early to do so after only two games? We also break down the best and worst from the opening weekend of the NBA Playoffs as well as the young stars to continue to keep your eyes on.

Time Stamps
0:00 Cold Opening
3:43 D.onniie Unleashed
9:28 Best and Worst From the Opening Week of the NBA Playoffs
29:50 Should Team Record Matter in the MVP Discussion
41:00 Should the NBA Keep the Play-In Tournament?
45:00 Is Kyrie Irving Wrong for How He Addressed Celtics Fans?
53:30 Show Wrap Up