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Outta Bounds Ep.20 Have We Seen The Last of Kyrie Irving in the NBA?

In this week’s edition of Outta Bounds, we go over the winners and losers from Week 3 of the NFL season. Are the Kansas City Chiefs in trouble?

We also debate what the NBA should do about players such as Kyrie Irving, who is defiant against getting the jab. Is there a place in the NBA for players such as Kyrie Irving, who is against the status quo? Have we seen the last of Kyrie Irving in the NBA?

Ben Simmons couldn’t have made it any more clearer that he wants out of Philadelphia, but is his behavior this off-season helping or hurting his market value? And how much money is too much money to purchase a celebrity’s used underwear? We’ll discuss this in our Two Minute Drill segment.

Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
1:40 Donovan’s Recap of Governors Ball
6:00 The Best and Worst From Week 3 of the NFL
24:50 What Should the NBA Do About Players Refusing the Jab?
44:15 Two Minute Drill Segment 1: Is Ben Simmons Hurting His Market Value?
1:02:00 Two Minute Drill Segment 2: Would You Pay For Your Favorite Celeb’s Underwear?
1:06:33 Show Wrap Up