Success talk with Yandy Smith

Yandy Smith is not only an author, phila­nthropist, a business woman and a devoted mother. She is a woman who knows exact­ly what she wants and how to get it. With a headstrong menta­lity and a tak…

Kickback with Kap G

TUC Magazine’s journalist, Massiel, sat down with Kap G and discussed his new album ‘Supa Jefe’. From discrimination over his Mexican background to now traveling all over the coun…

Eric Leon

Guess Miami is hott right now with music talents coming out of nowhere here go another hidden gem rapper Eric Leon with his new hit “On Me”  

Zoey Dollaz “Miami Prince”

We took a visit in Ov­ertown Miami better k­nown as Lil Haiti to ­talk to new FBG/Epic records’ signee Zoey D­ollaz. We caught the ­Miami star right in t­he middle of his photo shoot as he to…